Eyelash Extensions + Henna Brows

If you love the idea of having eyes that people just cannot look away from- I would strongly recommend you try getting Eyelash Extensions done with us.  If you’re anything like me you are probably really tired and very time poor- but want to look good! Each month I do two things in spa to help make me look like I take care of myself- that is a Shellac Pedicure and Eyelash Extensions.

I am addicted!

When I first started getting lashes done- I had someone in Sydney do them for me, and to be honest it felt awful because she kept pricking my eyelid with her tweezers and the glue she used on me… well, I shudder thinking what it could have been. I realized VERY quickly there are a lot of “backyard” operators who are using inferior products (and sometimes even super glue!)

I’ve seen so many horror story images of women with swollen eyes or lashes that look like flies legs all entangled.

On the flip side I’ve seen some lash extension operators who basically put a furry caterpillar on your eyelid. I just can’t understand WHY???

What I think looks beautiful is NATURAL looking lashes. I really do believe that Mink is the way to go- they feel softer than the Silk lashes and look like they are really your own long luscious lashes. This may sound ridiculous but I can feel that Silk lashes sit heavier on your own natural lash- so Mink feels completely normal but looks sensational.

Most women will get their refills done every 3-4 weeks- I personally make sure I do it every 3 weeks. I don’t pull at my lashes- so only the natural amount of lashes are lost during this time period. I find I have no need to wear mascara when I have eyelash extensions on-just a little eye shadow and liquid eye liner to finish the look off. 

At our day spa in Clovelly (Sydney)- we have specifically trained eyelash extension experts. I make sure the girls who do the lashes are passionate about lashes and are exceptional with fine work. The last thing you need is a sloppy therapist who doesn’t care for lashes! I would highly recommend you have your brows shaped and tinted if they are quite light too- because that will truly frame your face beautifully. We offer Henna Brows in Clovelly - they look amazing and stay on so much longer than a normal tint. 

If you have any questions about getting Eyelash Extensions done- please feel free to contact us either via the form below or give us a call at one of our day spa locations.

I hope you love getting eyelash extensions as much as I do! (Send me a message and I'll gift you a $50 Gift Voucher to use on your first set with us) 

Full Set Classic   
Classic Refills 2 Weeks   $60
Classic Refills 3 Weeks   $70
Classic Refills 4 Weeks   $80

Lash Extension Removal $30
Henna Brows                   $55