30 min | $75

60 min | $135

Reiki during pregnancy can provide relief and relaxation, sending healthy energy via non-invasive touch to both the mum and baby. 

During your treatment we will make sure you are in a comfortable position. We have special beds and body pillows that an overwhelming amount of our clients find extremely comfortable. With the guidance of Reiki energy, our therapist will place their hands gently on your body in varying hand positions, covering all essential organs and areas of concern. Each session is a heart crafted journey tailored to your individual needs and an invitation to melt away muscle tension, bring warmth to your soul, slow down your mind and assess current situations from a higher perspective. ​

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A highly intuitive Healer as well as a Beauty and Massage Therapist, Jackie has a wealth of experience in the world of Wellness. Over the past 10 years she has obtained a broad skill set complemented by her passion for earth medicine, a gift inherited from her grandfather, a nomadic medicine man from Ceara in Brazil. Her expertise includes Body Work, Emotional Release technique, Subconscious belief work, Vibrational Sound & Energy Healing as well as Aromatherapy.

Jackie’s intuition and connection to Nature has been growing and taking shape in award winning spa's environment, immersed in Uluru and Lord Howe Island wildness further developing her meditation and embodiment practices while learning and connecting to Native American, Māori and Aboriginal wisdom.

Having a strong foundation for holistic treatments, her sessions are designed to treat, harmonize, and integrate the healing essence of body, mind, and spirit.

Jackie’s remarkable sense of “knowing” together with her ability to create a safe and nurturing space allows her clients to experience a deep state of relaxation and healing. Her fulfilment comes from enhancing physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of her customers while supporting them on their journey of inner peace and empowerment by releasing limiting subconscious beliefs, developing trust and active listening of their intuition, building healthier relationships with their emotions and their bodies.

Qualification in Reiki:

Jackie has studied Reiki Level I and II with my Claudete Franca (Usui Reiki Master and President of Brazilian Association of Reiki) in 2011 and 2012, Brazil.

She has also completed her Holy Fire Reiki Master with William Lee Rand (Founder and President of  The International Center for Reiki Training and The Center for Reiki Research. He developed Karuna Reiki® system of healing, Reiki Psychic Surgery and Holy Fire® Reiki) in 2016, New Zealand.