Blush Body Polish

Blush Body Polish will help you achieve soft, smooth and incredibly moisturised skin with a lingering herbal, floral aroma. 

Nourishing and moisturising shea seed butter, camellia seed and coconut virgin oils soak and revive your newly buffed, squeaky clean skin.

Epsom Salts and certified organic cane sugar are both gentle, natural exfoliants., with crushed rose petals and rosehip seed adding to the scrubby feel and aroma.

~ Epsom salts
~ Raw cane sugar*
~ Himalayan pink salts
~ Crushed rose petals*
~ Rosehip seeds

Botanical Oils & Butters
~ Camellia seed*
~ Coconut virgin* 
~ Shea seed butter*

Essential oils
~ Orange peel*
~ Rose geranium leaf*
~ Lime peel*
~ Ylang Ylang flower*
~ Cedarwood*
~ Peppermint leaf*

Aroma: Floral Herbal

Perfect for: All skin types.