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Bare Botanics



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Nurture and nourish your skin with this smooth, thick and creamy buttercrème, gliding easily onto skin and absorbing quickly. Babassu, shea, mango & cocoa butters offer your skin protection by improving moisture retention & restoring the skin’s natural barrier, leaving your skin soft & smooth instead of dry & flaky. 

Botanical Butters & Oils
~ Shea fruit butter*
~ Babassu seed butter*
~ Mango seed butter*
~ Cocoa seed butter* 
~ Olive fruit virgin oil* 
~ Soya bean virgin oil*
~ Coconut virgin oil*

Botanical Extracts 
~ Kakadu plum fruit* 
~ Olive leaf* 
~ Cranberry fruit*
~ Gotu kola leaf*

Essential Oils 
~ Lime peel*
~ Sweet orange peel*
~ Mandarin peel*
~ Rose geranium leaf*
~ Ylang Ylang flower* 
~ Peppermint leaf*

Aroma: Deliciously sweet and crisp with lingering floral tones.

Perfect for: All skin types.


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