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Labour + Birth Kit

Labour + Birth Kit

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This is the best collection of the absolute essentials to take with you into your labour and birthing journey. We only recommend using dōTerra Essential Oils for a number of reasons: the purity, how they are sustainable sourced from where they grow indigenously, the potency and they are third party tested. Let's take a look at each of the oils in this collection and how you can use them:

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Crack open this blend ONCE labour has begun or once you've officially hit the "I'm overdue" mark to bring labour on (not before hand) and apply over your abdomen, lower back and the inside of your ankles. If your labour has slowed or is stalling or if your contractions aren't intensifying- I'd recommend applying Clary Sage diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil on your inner thighs and around ankles. 

This particular blend is amazing during the afterpains of child birth and cramping while breastfeeding. It's brilliant to use to help balance hormones in the months after your baby is born. A must have for Mama's.

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Everyone needs Lavender in their life. The perfect oil to keep you feeling cool, calm and collected during labour and beyond. This oil is calming + soothing and can help you with your pain and mood management. Also a great oil to have on hand if your breasts are sore. Love using this every day with your baby too. 

(also called Deep Blue depending on the country you're in)
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Pop a few drops of this into your Fractionated Coconut Oil (always important to dilute your essential oils- they are super potent!) and massage into wherever you are feeling tension or pain. Feels amazing on your lower back, neck and shoulders.

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Dilute this one with your Fractionated Coconut Oil and layer/ massage it over the same areas you apply your Ice Blue Soothing Blend over. Great in assisting with circulation and pain management. 

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This beautiful oil never goes off- and you use it to dilute your essential oils. The essential oils are really potent so it is really important that you get into the habit of diluting them... it also means you are getting the best value out of your oils too by not wasting anything. Great to use for Baby Massage with a drop of Lavender too. 

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