Breastfeeding is an intimate and nurturing way to bond with your baby. Bare Botanics Nursing Balm is formulated with botanical seed butters, plant and fruit oils to soothe and protect your nipples and surrounding area, making nursing more comfortable and less painful.

Safe and non-irritating for mom and baby.  Botanical, vegan and free from mineral oil, petroleum, lanolin and essential oils.

Botanical Oils & Butters
Mango seed butter*
Cocoa seed butter*
Babassu seed butter*
Shea seed butter*
Olive fruit virgin oil* 
Coconut virgin oil*
Sea Buckthorn CO2 oil*
Rosehip seed virgin oil*

Botanical Extracts
Calendula flower*
Chamomile flower*

Aroma:  Clean, natural earthy plant oil aroma.

Perfect for: including in a new mum's care pack.