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You can easily book online at any time of the day by heading HERE.

We require a 50% deposit to secure your booking either via credit card or from your gift voucher. Unfortunately we cannot secure your appointment until the deposit is received. 

We send you a confirmation SMS 48hrs prior to your appointment to which you can reply to confirm or cancel. Please call if you would like to reschedule.

You DO NOT have to be pregnant to come see us! We love all Mummies & Daddies equally — and we promise we won’t scan your uterus on the way in! We do specialise in taking care of women during pregnancy, but know how vitally important it is for all parents to take a little time out for TLC from time to time. Please know we will always welcome you to Yummy Mummy — regardless of age, gender or race. This is a sanctuary for you to just enjoy being you. We really look forward to taking care of you soon.

The Yummy Mummy Day Spa Sydney Girls xx


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