People understandably have a lot of questions about the services we provide, so we have covered the most common ones below. If you have any other questions don’t be shy! Send us an email or give us a call and we will put your mind at ease. Everyone goes through pregnancy differently, so we will always do our best to make you feel as comfortable and amazing as you are.

“Do I have to be pregnant to come and see you?”

Not at all! We welcome everybody – we have just made sure all our services are safe for any stage of pregnancy.

“I have been given a voucher for a service. Am I able to swap it to something else?”
You can absolutely use the value of your voucher to put towards any service or product.

“I was have received more than one voucher – am I able to combine them?”
You can definitely combine all your vouchers and get one of our amazing packages!

“I have a voucher for a long package – am I able to split the package into two visits?”
Unfortunately we can’t do half the package one day and half another day – however you can use the value of your package to book in for whatever separate services you like.

“Is my child/baby allowed to come in with me?”
Unfortunately we can’t allow children or babies to be in the spa at all. Not only is it not a safe environment for them (lots of sharp tools, hot wax, mechanical beds etc), but you and our other clients will find it much easier to relax if you leave bub at home with a caring adult.

“What happens if I make a booking and then go into labour?”
While we try and be as flexible as possible, unfortunately as a business we do still require 48hrs notice for rescheduling or cancellations to give us an opportunity to get another Mumma in for some relaxation. If you are close to your due date, and worried about going into labour, we recommend waiting until after baby is born, and leaving them at home with Dad or Grandma so you can come in for some very much deserved down-time.

"Are there limits to how early or late in my pregnancy I can come in?”
Not at all! It is a bit of a myth that you can’t have treatments in your first trimester. As long as everything is going smoothly, you can absolutely come in for any of our services. Same goes for if you are about to pop – you can absolutely still come in, just be mindful that we do have a cancellation policy.

“Do I need to wear anything special?”
Whatever you feel comfortable in. For most treatments you will take off the majority of your clothing and snuggle under the blankets. 

“Will the massage be a wishy-washy fluffy massage?”
Only if that’s what you want! On your forms you will select the pressure you would like, as well as any areas you want focused on or avoided. We aren’t scared to do a nice firm massage as pregnancy is often the time you need it most.

“Do I need to arrive early to fill in my forms?”
We allow time for filling out of forms, and bathroom visits (of which there can be many), however if you are being picked up after your appointment we recommend allowing at least 15 minutes after the scheduled end of your treatment to include time for getting dressed, and more importantly, your refreshments and magazines. This allows for maximum relaxation and ensures you leave without feeling rushed. 

“Do you have special beds with holes in them for the tummy?”
We sure do. They have a special mattress on them with a hole, suitable up to roughly 4-6months pregnancy, then when extra depth is needed we have additional pregnancy pillows that go over the hole to provide an even deeper hole, while still being supported by the mattress base. At no point will your belly be left dangling – that would be too much pressure on your spine, and would get uncomfortable quickly. The overwhelming majority of clients find the beds and pillows very comfortable. If you absolutely just cannot get comfortable then we have some soft and squishy body pillows for you to cuddle up to while we do a side-lying massage.

“Will the massage bring on labour?”
No, baby will come when they are good and ready. We have had many OB/GYN’s say to us that if a massage was all it took to bring on labour then they would be out of a job. Our reflexology component of the massage doesn’t focus on any of the pressure points some believe can bring on labour.

“What is included in a Full Body Massage”
You will be given a form to fill out where you can specify what pressure you would like, any areas you want focused or avoided, and whether you would like your feet, face/scalp, and bump included. The bump massage is a very gentle rubbing around the sides and top of your bump to help with any painful stretching that might be happening. Your baby is very well cushioned in there and totally safe.

“Talk to me about Brazilian Waxing…”
Brazilian waxing is one of the most common services we do. You can have it done at any stage of your pregnancy. Some people are more sensitive, but most are surprised by how easy it was. Our Waxers are used to waxing pregnant clients.