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We are really sorry but we do not offer any crèche services, so bubs and children need to be left at home. We are a day spa so need a quiet and relaxing environment for all our clients to enjoy the time away from their little ones. If bub is still inside you then that’s fine. If they are now on the outside — please find a loving grandparent or friend to help out while you get some time away or we have another solution............

Our day spa was created by a mum, so we totally understand how hard it is to actually get some time out to come to the day spa. We don't actually offer an onsite creche or daycare facility and there's a few reasons for it- mainly when you're here we want you to RELAX. So we have teamed up with the amazing team at Sittr who provide the very best baby sitting service in Sydney so you can have some time out without listening to kids. Here's a few reasons why we love Sittr:

1. Background Checks

Every sitter has a verified Working With Children Check, a government issued background check which includes a national criminal history check.

2. First Aid

Every sitter has Senior First Aid qualifications that include Asthma and Anaphylaxis treatment and meet national childcare standards, so rest assured that they'll know what to do in an emergency.

3. Insured

Every sitter is covered by our comprehensive, public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

We love to have a babysitter head to your very own home an hour before your treatment starts until an hour after your treatment ends- that way you can relax, not rush or worry about Sydney traffic. You are more than welcome to organise a sitter yourself or if you would like us to take care of it for you- we can totally do that as part of our service for you. (It's $27 an hour regardless of whether you make the booking or we do). 

We can't wait to have you in! 

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