Pregnancy Massage

60 min | $139
90 min | $189

This is our most popular service by far. Treat that special Mama-to-be with a beautiful Signature Pregnancy Massage. We will soothe any aches and pains she might be experiencing, the perfect treatment to reduce stress and anxiety. Our Pregnancy Massages are perfectly safe during pregnancy. We offer the massage where mums can lie on their tummy SAFELY with a very special pregnancy mattress so no pressure is put on bub- but the mamas LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Pregnant women often—for good reason—complain of aches and pains throughout their pregnancy. This is especially true the farther along they are in their pregnancy. Additionally, anxiety and stress can often be at their peak during these most precious months when mothers are making potential life altering decisions for themselves and their future children. This creates feelings of discomfort—both mentally and physically. However, pregnancy massage can help alleviate these symptoms. Here is just a taste of what you can expect from Yummy Mummy’s indulgent massages.

·       Relief from Neck, Back, and Shoulder pain.

·       Reduced Stress and Anxiety

·       Physical and Mental relaxation

·       Powerful Oils and Creams that help Restore Dry Skin

·       Improved Sleep

·       Elimination or Reduction of Swelling around the feet, ankles and face

·       Pain Free legs and arms

·       Mental Clarity

Each of our pregnancy massage specialists is well equipped to provide mums with a rejuvenating massage specifically customised to relieve their unique aches and pains. This, in combination with our fabulous made-for-mum products, create an enjoyable experience that restores the body to a more peaceful state.

Is massage Safe during Pregnancy?

Many mothers are concerned about how a massage might affect their baby or the health of their pregnancy. Thankfully, massage during pregnancy is safe! Many doctors recommend massage as a way to prepare for birth, with the greatest benefits experienced from consistent treatments.