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This is our most popular service by far. Treat that special Mama-to-be with a beautiful 60 Minute Pregnancy Massage at our day spa where we will soothe any aches and pains she might be experiencing. The perfect treatment to reduce stress and anxiety. Our Pregnancy Massages are perfectly safe during pregnancy. We offer the massage where mums can lie on their tummy SAFELY with a very special pregnancy mattress so no pressure is put on bub- but the mamas LOVE LOVE LOVE this. 

You Could Be Saving A Life with This Pregnancy Massage

For every Pregnancy Massage we perform at our pregnancy day spa in Sydney- A Birthing Kit will be donated to Mama in need, because we believe every woman has the right to a clean and safe childbirth. Birthing Kits are an internationally accepted intervention to support a clean birth. Each item in the Birthing Kit works to reduce infections at key high-risk moments of care during labour, birth and immediately post-birth for the mother, newborn and birth attendant. So your gift (whether it be to yourself or someone else)- helps more than one Mama + Baby on a level you didn't even know you could help on. 

We have given thousands of Pregnancy Massages so we know what we are doing. We guarantee our services too- that's how confident we are that she will love what we offer. 

A Pregnancy Massage each month is the nicest way to go through a pregnancy. (That's not the whole truth- a WEEKLY massage would be the nicest way!) There's no time limit as to when she can start having her monthly pregnancy massages or when she has to finish by. We have even had one Mama break her waters on the table (she was 41 weeks pregnant) - and she didn't want to stop the massage, so we kept going. True story! She loved it and had an amazing birth afterwards... at the hospital. 

Allow 60 Minutes


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Allow 60 min/ 90 min

$139 /$179

This deeply relaxing massage uses essential oils of rose geranium, vanilla and white lotus to soothe your body, and eliminate your stresses.  A fantastic choice to reduce aches, pains and swelling, and return your body to a state of well-being.

We highly recommend having a 90 Minute Massage.

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Allow 60 mins/ 90 mins

$150 / $195

Perfectly warmed, the volcanic stones provide a very deep level of relaxation. As the heat infuses into your muscles, pain levels reduce and muscle tightness is stripped away. It is the ultimate relaxation massage with one stroke with a hot stone being equivalent to ten normal massage strokes.  

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Allow 30 mins


This extraordinary full body treatment buffs away dead skin cells and unclogs pores to restore your skin to a fresh, smooth and healthy glow.  Finishing off with a skin nourishing moisturiser, this is the perfect pre-massage treatment.

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We DO NOT have any kind of child minding services available at the spa- so please leave kids at home as it is very dangerous to have small children in the rooms where there is hot wax, sharp tools and heavy massage tables. We absolutely do not want anything to happen to them. It also spoils the relaxation for others in the spa too.

 We take a 50% deposit for all appointments or a gift voucher number. If we don’t receive 24 hours notice to cancel or change your appointment your deposit or voucher will be forfeited. We reserve the room and the therapist just for you, so if you don’t show up we have no chance of filling that spot without 24 hours of notice. We will send you a confirmation SMS to which you can confirm –otherwise please give us a call as early as possible if for some reason you need to change your appointment. Thank you! 


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