10 Things To Do To Keep Awkward Conversations With Your Therapist To A Minimum

10 Things To Do To Keep Awkward Conversations With Your Therapist To A Minimum

It’s totally normal to not know what you want in a massage.

Sometimes you are feeling more pressure, or you think you want one area focused on, then when the massage starts you want something else. Your therapist is completely, and totally happy to ride the wave with you. Be as vocal as you want! Your therapist will never be upset with feedback.

Therapists are busy, and if you’re late, it throws off their momentum.

It’s hard to relax, and create a relaxing environment when a client comes in feeling rushed and anxious. We know life happens, but being on time ensures less stress for everyone, giving you the best environment for the best massage. It’s best to come early to give enough time to fill out the form, so your therapist knows all your areas of concerns. If you’re late, you also have to understand that you wont get the full treatment time, because then it will push the whole day backwards. 


If you can, shower before your massage, scrub your feet, and limit the use of fragrances / perfumes.

Being in close proximity to you, touching you, smelling you, being clean is an act of kindness your massage therapist will appreciate ten fold. You want them to be giving you the best massage ever, not trying to mask unpleasant smells. Additionally, the cleaner your skin, the easier it is for the massage oils to penetrate the skin. 

Cut the excessive noises.

Your massage therapist wants nothing more than for you to be enjoying your massage. But, do your best to keep groaning and moaning to a minimum, as sometimes it can make your therapist uncomfortable 

We want you to be naked.

No, you didn’t read that incorrectly. Of course we want you to be feel comfortable, but to ensure you get the best treatment you can, limiting the amount of restrictions gives us that ability.

If you’ve recently been ill, injured, or you’re on medications, you should see your doctor first and get approval before getting a massage.

We don’t want to mess with anything, and will always feel more comfortable knowing you had medical advice. 

Communicate pressure preferences, room temperature, smells, etc.

Everyone can handle different pressures. What may feel like medium pressure to one person, may feel like hard pressure to the next. Be vocal about how much pressure you like, and sometimes your therapist may need a gentle reminder. They are only human, and sometimes can get lost in thoughts, or deep in thought of the feelings of the muscle and tissue. You could be the last massage of the day and they are feeling a bit tired. You’re paying good money to get this treatment, don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t feel satisfied at any point. They would much prefer to hear this during the treatment, so they can fix, adjust, and understand how to make your treatment the best they can. If you go straight to google reviews, it is not a time constructive way to get a solution. Because at the end of the day you’re paying for your treatment, and we want you to get the best value for your money.


Do your best to not wear a full face of makeup to your treatment, or any self tanner.

We know that sometimes you come on your lunch break, or you booked your treatment last minute. It makes our lives immensely easier without makeup or tanning stains.

Read the description of what you booked.

Sometimes, online booking systems have to account for total treatment time - this includes getting the room ready, client getting ready, intake form etc. This keeps our therapists from getting booked back to back, and gives them time to use the bathroom and get water between treatments. For example, our daydream massage bliss is a 45 minute massage special priced at $99, but the total treatment time is 1 hour. It says this in the description of the treatment, but gets missed and goes under the assumption it is a one hour massage. 

Do not come if you’re sick.

I know this should go without saying, but please do not come if you’re sick. We’re happy to reschedule you, all we need is 24 hours notice. I know how much you look forward to massages, but the impacts of getting our staff sick is detrimental. We are a small business, so when one person is sick, it can spread to everyone, meaning we have to shut,  or move a high volume of appointments, which is not ideal. 

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